The Waiting Game…

Five days to go and I’m counting down the minutes, make that seconds!

The first time around I was induced, so I knew what date and what time I had to be there. This time the wait is killing me!
Last night I dreamt my waters had broken, I was ecstatic, then I realised I had dreamt the whole thing and I was still well and truly pregnant!
I am mostly excited that its now only a matter of very little time before we meet baby number two. Not long before we get to see what she looks like and how much hair she has or hasn’t got – our first born had a LOT. My midwife was requesting bobbles at the scene so that she could get a proper look at the situation!

I’m a little nervous about having a newborn again, the sleepless nights especially and how the hell I’m supposed to get a shower with two children under one in the house! Our first born has just started standing up, we literally need eyes in the back of our heads!

I am looking forward to not being pregnant! I am so lucky and so grateful that we have been able to create our little family, but I only had a six week break in between (yes we do have a TV!) so it feels like I have been pregnant for ages. It will certainly make running around after Baby J a lot easier with baby number two out in the world!


So this week there is nothing but pineapple on the menu and miles of walks (a few steps before I have to find a bench to stop the contractions and catch my breath!). Hubs has finished work for five whole weeks (overtime may have to be on the cards here – he’s already making plans to renovate the whole house in that time)! For now though we are enjoying spending time as a family of four including the dog, before we turn into five!


This may or may not be my last post before baby number two, who knows! I may be sat here in two weeks still waiting for her to arrive – oh god where are my walking boots and where is that pineapple?!

Wish me luck – I’m going to need it!



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