Hello Induction Date…

It’s a case of de ja vu in our house this morning, after a growth scan yesterday at 39+4 my Consultant decided that whilst we have an estimated over 7lb and strong baby, it’s time for her to come out into the world. This is exactly what happened with Baby J, let’s hope it all goes as smoothly second time around!


I’m nervous about going into labour again, who isn’t!? Each pregnancy is different so that must go for labour too. I do feel slightly more mentally prepared this time. Knowing to some extent what to expect is a bonus, and if its quicker than the twenty-three hours it took last time I will be a happy bunny!

I’m also nervous about leaving Baby J behind, she is in safe, strong and capable hands but they aren’t mine! The first time around this obviously wasn’t an issue! We spent the week prior to being induced swanning around shopping centres, having lie ins and generally just looking after ourselves. Not this time! I’m in preparation mode, I’ve got a day to get everything sorted so I’m not worrying too much whilst I’m in hospital (and the baby is at home, having a whale of a time in my absence!).


My mind is a whirl of new baby monitors, anti-colic bottles and moses baskets! Hubs has checked and re-checked my hospital bag (you can guarantee he’ll have one last look before the day is out). Organised my husband I’ll give him that! He’s also a bit precious about his own hospital bag because and I quote ‘You never know!’ I do know it’s packed with goodies though, I’m onto you there Husband!

Emotions are high about the whole baby bump thing, I’ve been saying for weeks now that despite my gratefulness, I’m ready to have baby number two here with us. However, I can’t help but feel attached now. The chances are that this is the last baby bump that I’ll ever have. I can never say never but I have a strong feeling that this little bump will complete our family – so the pregnancy part of my life will more than likely be over! It’s been close to a two-year pregnancy stint. That being said I’ve already put in my order for Prosecco, pate, goats cheese and dippy eggs!


So for now, I’m up with the lark looking through my prep list and waiting for a sausage sandwich breakfast (I’ve got to keep my strength up you know). I’m avoiding google like the plague and I’m already looking forward to my last full night’s sleep before the fun starts all over again!


See you on the other side!


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