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Off to Work he Goes…

This week Hubs went back to work for the first time since Little E arrived (I’m sure I saw him running to his car), leaving me at home with a nearly toddler and a newborn all by myself!

The night before he went felt like the night before sitting an exam. I was anxious to know how I would cope, or if I would even cope at all! What if they both screamed at the same time? (I am very lucky as that is still yet to happen). How am I supposed to feed the toddler and bottle feed the baby at the same time? Would I get out of my pyjamas before the day was out, never mind actually get in the shower?

Another part of me was a little bit pleased he was going back. I would be able to get me and my girls into a routine, we would figure out how to work as a three instead of a two. And we would have the day to ourselves to do as we pleased (things always go to pot when husbands have time off don’t they?!).

So after an anxious night I embarked on my first day of lone parenting two children under one. I woke up before them both and showered, good start! Baby J has learnt to hold her own bottle, so I had my hands free to bottle feed the newborn (going a little too well by this point!). We were dressed and ready to go before lunchtime. An absolute parenting win!

We walked and played, had dinner and visitors. There were tears and tired babies, torrential rain and yogurt thrown all over the floor. Our day passed in the blink of an eye, and before we knew it Hubs was home and I’d done it. My first day complete, with a glass of wine as my reward!

Overall though our day was a success. After I’d spent the whole night before doubting myself and dreading what was to come, it turns out I can do it! Even when the babies get tired and cry and even when I get tired and join in (this happens a lot believe me), I am capable!

Back to work Hubs, there’s fun to be had!


10 thoughts on “Off to Work he Goes…

  1. Well done you! The first time B went back to work a week after we had TM (he’s our first) I had a few disasters and rang him in tears like ‘I can’t do it! I’m a failure!’ But after another week or so it was absolutely fine and now I don’t think twice about it! #StayClassy

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  2. Aw good work! I can’t even imagine what it would be like with 2! I would feel exactly the same – like the night before an exam – nervous but a little excited. Sounds like you did a fantastic job! It’s great your older one is holding the bottle on their own too. : ) Thanks so much for sharing with #StayClassy.

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