Thankful Thursdays…#3

Ever since Baby J has been up on her feet, climbing all over the furniture and scaling the walls, we have noticed that both of her little feet turn outwards.  At first we weren’t phased, we thought it would just be something that would rectify itself as she grew bigger, stronger and started to walk properly.

However, as the weeks went by Baby J’s feet continued turn outwards, even though she was standing and walking more and more.  So after a call from our Health Visitor regarding Little E’s last newborn appointment I mentioned said feet and voiced our concerns about them.

Our Health Visitor was very reassuring and very proactive, she swiftly referred Baby J onto the Physiotherapy Department at our local hospital.  Even though we were told not to worry, the parent in me spent the following few weeks going a bit wild.  Worrying about all eventualities that may not even happen!  What if its serious and Baby J needs intervention to put it right?  What it its something that can’t be put right, something that she will have to learn to live with?

So, this week Baby J’s appointment finally came around.  We turned up and the waiting room was ideal for children, packed full of toys, so many that Baby J didn’t know where to look first!  We were called into the treatment room in no time at all.  Baby J was left to play, stand and crawl whilst the Therapist watched how she coped.

Then came the verdict…

Baby J has nothing more than extra flexible ankles that will strengthen in time!  Phew, panic over.  Don’t you always feel silly for worrying so much when things turn out ok?

We have to make sure Baby J is walking with flat feet as much as we can and we have to buy extra supportive shoes, with high tops and firm soles.  This is proving to be a slight issue as her feet are only a size 2.5F.  Finding walking shoes in this size is nearly impossible!

So for this weeks Thankful Thursdays…I am so, so thankful that Baby J’s feet will come right in time.  I am incredibly thankful that she wont have to go through months of therapy.  I am even more thankful that her feet turning out won’t have any lasting effects,  as she grows into my beautiful big girl!

        What are you thankful for this week? 


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21 thoughts on “Thankful Thursdays…#3

  1. My best friend in college had something similar. It wasn’t caught until she was much older that her feet were crooked. When her knees were straight forward, her feet were pointed 45 degrees outward. This causes her lots of knee issues and pains as a twenty-something. But it turns out that to fix the issue, she would need surgery to physically break her ankles and reset them. Plus she would need to learn to rewalk which, as you can imagine, would be a struggle for a twenty something starting career-life and being active. Anyway, I’m really thankful you pay attention to the health of your child and that things are looking!! Much love!!

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  2. My eldest daughter was born with her feet the same way and yet they rectified with physio. It’s such a worry but to know that it will all be okay is a huge relief. #brilliantblogpost


  3. We, as parents, tend to really worry about a situation. I’m totally guilty of it myself-but so glad to hear that everything will sort itself out! My son wore a size 2 all the way up until he was over a year old!! It was crazy-smallest little feet ever. He just his 15 months, and a MASSIVE growth spurt, and is now in size 5 :O #StayClassyMama

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  4. I can imagine that is a real relief knowing that it’ll right itself with the correct footwear. Her little red shoes are toooooo cute. I had a real thing about my kids shoes and have framed their first baby shoes and kept lots of the toddler shoes in my memory box. I also have the photos of their ‘first shoes experience’ thanks to Clarks! #stayclassymama

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  5. I’ve just passed NG’s first pair of shoes on to NC and I was a bit worried as he was wobbly but remembered that they do strengthen in time (anyway, he takes them off the second I put them on so don’t think I need worry too much!) Glad you are resting easy! 🙂 #fortheloveofblog

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  6. Ah this is lovely, the ‘grateful for’ feature. Those little shoes are so adorable, I am glad it is not something serious and its positive that you got good support from the HV. My little lad pointed his little feet in all the time but he grew out of breathe the biggest sigh….xx #stayclassymama

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  7. glad all is well and all will come right as she grows up 🙂 I am thankful for having the whole of the summer holidays off due to maternity leave! yes its going to be a struggle with all 3 but some people have to work so I am making the most of it and plan on making lots of memories with my babies before I go back to work in October!! #fartglitter

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  8. Ah I’m so happy that it was nothing major. And even though I know those shoes are meant to be supportive, they are really cute : ). I can imagine how hard it must be trying to find shoes that are supportive for such a young baby! Congrats on her walking and climbing! I am grateful for being able to go away with my boyfriend this weekend to have a little fun together without the baby. Thanks for the inspiration and sharing with #StayClassyMama!

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  9. What a relief. And nice that you have an excuse to put her in baby Converse- super cute. My latest freakout was thinking that my tots BMI was seriously underweight because I was saying he was 10lbs instead of 10kgs, That was 2 hours of blind and unnecessary panic right there. D’oh,


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  10. This is great news, and well done for following up getting it checked out. It’s always scary and worrying when we notice something slightly odd about our little one’s, often turning to Google to try finding the answers, only for it to cause more worry. You must be so relieved and those shoes are gorgeous. Thanks so much for linking up at #fortheloveofBLOG this week. Claire x

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