Thankful Thursdays…#4

What a glorious week, it feels like summer has finally arrived and what a scorcher it’s been!

This week we took Baby J swimming for the first time and she absolutely loved it.  Seeing as Baby J is now thirteen months old I suppose we left it a little late to take her swimming.  The reason for this is that I fell pregnant just six weeks after having her and so spent the next nine months battling with Hyperemesis.  This wasn’t a pretty time in my life, so swimming definitely wasn’t right at the top of our agenda.

Fast forward a few months, we have settled in to our little family of four and we decided it was time to hit the baths!  Baby J is so petite that her swimming costume is only a size three to six months, it fit her perfectly nonetheless!  Even though we already had Baby J’s swimming costume, we didn’t have any arms bands or a sit in inflatable for the pool, so we took a detour via our local sports shop for all the swimming essentials!

When we got to the pool is was also time for Little E to be fed, so I sat on the loungers by the side of the pool , whilst Hubs took Baby J in.  Having never experienced the swimming pool before I wasn’t sure what she would make of it but she loved it!   The pool had a purpose built baby area with fountains and slides.  There was a wave machine and water jets and she experienced everything!  Hubs and Baby J were in the pool for over an hour and both emerged with smiles across their faces when it was time to get changed.  First swimming trip successful!  We had such a lovely family afternoon, followed by Baby J’s first BBQ at home in the sunshine. 

 So, this week I am thankful for Baby J having such a good first swimming experience, and for the lovely family time and BBQ we had afterwards.  That’s whats summer is all about!


Are you enjoying this summer weather?  What are you thankful for this week?

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15 thoughts on “Thankful Thursdays…#4

  1. Lovely post. Fingers crossed summer is finally here but as I type this is grey and overcast and a deluge of rain has been promised for the festival we’re off to on Thursday. British weather hey! I’m glad you had a nice swim experience we love to do that as a family and, when the sun does finally make an appearance, it is so much easier to think of quality things to do as a family.
    Potty Adventures

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  2. Aw, I’m glad she liked it. We took our tot to the indoor pool for the first time this summer. He loved our outdoor pool in Thailand but was a little put off by the noise in the indoor one. I was frozen solid within 5 minutes too. Already missing our condo pool!


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  3. We love the Summer! It’s lovely to see the little ones experiencing things for the first time. We were thankful for the lovely warm weather which meant loads of splashing in the paddling pool 🙂 Thank you for linking up to the #DreamTeam x

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